MISSION INDIA BIBLE COLLEGE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM Mission India Campus, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

To be filled up by the applicant. Please type the information clearly as it appears in your official certificates and documents. Kindly upload your recent color passport size photo, scanned copy of 10th, +2, and degree certificates and mark-sheets required based upon the desired program and its eligibility.

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Select the preferred mode of study and program.

Scan and keep all the following documents ready to upload: Your recent color passport size photo. 1. Copies of Aadhar Card. 2. Copies of all of your educational certificates. 3. Copies of your Transcripts.

Mode of Study

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1. Name of the Applicant (in Block Letters) First Name

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Last Name

2. Gender

3. Date of Birth

4. Place of Birth

5. Nationality

6. Aadhar Card No

7. Address for communication

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8. Permanent Address

Permanent Address


9. Marital Status

10. If Married, then Date of Marriage

11. Spouse's Name

Spouse's Occupation

12. Spouse's Date of Birth

13. Do you have Children?

Name of the Children, Date of Birth, and Gender

14. Name of your Father, Age, and Occupation

15. Name of your Mother, Age, and Occupation

16. Parent's/Guardian's Address

House No.


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Pin Code


Mobile No.

17. Name of your siblins, age, gender and their contact mobile numbers

18. Mother Tongue

19. Languages that you Speak, Read, and Write.


20. Do you have a habit of smoking. using tobacco and intoxicating drinks etc?

21. Do you have any kind of addictions and substance abuse like drugs etc?

Are there any police/court cases in which you are involved?

If, Yes, explain

22. Have you ever been arrested by the police in any case?

23. Have you ever been treated for mental or emotional health

24. Are you differently abled?

if yes,would you explain

25. Do you suffer from any chronic disease such as Tuberculosis, Epilepsy, Asthma, Diabetes, Rheumatic heart etc?

If yes, please specify

26. Have you been admitted to the hospital within last six months?

If yes, specify the reason

27. Do you take medicines with doctor's medical prescription?

28. Do you take medicines without doctor's medical prescription?

If yes, specify


29. Have you received Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior?

If yes, Date of Salvation

30. Have you received Believer's baptism?

If yea, Date of Baptism

31. Do you have any experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

If yes, When?

32. Have you realized a Call for the Christian Ministry?

33. Are you willing to be a servant leader?

34. Name and address of your local church

Address of your local Church

35. Name of your local Pastor/ presbyter/vicar

Phone number of your pastor/presbyter/vicar/priest

36. Do you exercise any spiritual gifts?

If yes, specify

37. Are you a worship leader?

38. What is your Denominational Church affiliation?

39. Do you play any musical instruments?

if yes, name of the musical instrument

40. Describe your present and past ministry involvement in your local Church?

41. Are you ordained?

If yes, Date of Ordination

42. Details of your work and ministerial experience. Explain type of ministr/ full time/part time/duration and name of the employer and supervisor.

43. Are you working with Mission India?

44. Do you personally know any member of Mission India?

45. Specify your special talents, hobbies or interests.

46. Specify your Strength

Specify your weakness


47. Select your educational qualifications

Upload 10th Certificate and Mark Sheet

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Upload +2/12th/PDC/HSC certificate and Marksheet

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Upload Upload Degree certificate and Transcript

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Other certificates and Mark Sheet

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Upload any one of the Identification Documents/ Aadhar/ Driving Licence/Vote ID

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48. Who is responsible to pay for your fees during the period of your studies at MIBC?

49. Are you being supported by any Church, Organization or Sponsoring Agency?

If yes, give the details

50. Name and Postal Address of your Sponsor with contact information such as mobile no and email id.

51. What is your family income monthly??


52. Please indicate the name and address of three persons (a Pastor, a Teacher/professor, and a friend) who would be willing to provide references on your behalf. They must not be your parents, family members or anyother close relatives. A request will be sent to them by MIBC. Reference 1

Reference 2 ( Teacher/Professor)

Reference 3 (Friend)


I do hereby solemnly declare that the above information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. If admitted, I agree to observe all the rules, regulations, and standards of Mission India Bible College and maintain a high standard of Christian conduct on and off-campus. I shall fulfill the responsibilities in all aspects of my study and shall balance my spiritual, academic, personal, family, and social life. If I failed to comply, I will accept the disciplinary actions and decision of the administration of MIBC, even including the possible termination of my study at MIBC Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

I declare and agree with the Declaration

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Name and Signature of the Applicant

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